Infrastructure Management Services


IT Infrastructure Management Services is one of our prime businesses segments which contribute over 30% of our revenue. We understand that the vital need is to provide guaranteed network uptimes, availability of the data and the IT resources. We have been managing a number of complex IT infrastructures for some of our clients over the past 5 years and have built significant capabilities and expertise in providing Infrastructure Management Services.

We have over 50 professionals managing some of the large IT infrastructures for our clients in India. Sukh is completely equipped to support Customer right through the IT Infrastructure Management lifecycle, helping Customer plan, deploy, manage and review its IT infrastructure on a continuous basis. Sukh will help Customer tackle challenges such as growing heterogeneity of the information systems, growing number of transactions, the need for faster decision-making, geographical expansion, and a multitude of threats to information security.

We provide these services through an agreement with clients to deliver a defined service level on infrastructure availability based on their requirement. Based on the service level expectation and size of installed base, we would depute a team of engineers on-site to provide the support services.